Coexistence is the essence of India’s vision of Atma Nirbhar Bharat : Dr. E. Muthuraman

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New Delhi: Mind Storming session was held at Constitution Club New Delhi organized by GOVIND SADAN on Sanjhiwalta di virasat te chunotiyan ( heritage of coexistence and challenges) presided by Hon’ble Minister of State of Culture Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi  Special guest  Sh. Alok Kumar President Vishwa Hindu Parishad . Dr. E Muthuraman also participated as a special invitee to the event. The event comprised of the theme of Coexistence which is an essence as well as an essential key to the success of the country like India. When we talk about India it’s the message of Unity in Diversity which is spread un said by our culture and atmosphere worldwide.  At the core of coexistence is the awareness that individuals and groups differ in numerous ways including class, ethnicity, religion, gender, and political inclination. 

MOS Lekhi said “Conflict is ubiquitous and occurs at the individual, community, institutional, and national levels. Many conflicts are localized and expressed nonviolently. In fact, conflict can be constructive and in many instances it is fundamental to social change.[6] However, conflict that is widespread and expressed destructively or even violently appears to have increased over recent decades, impelling the global community to examine the root causes of conflicts and analyze conflict theory and management in greater detail. While times of coexistence do not exclude conflict, they do exclude widespread violence and acts intended to psychologically, socially, economically, or politically, destroy the other side(s)”

Dr. Muthuraman added that "societies away from violent interaction and helps maintain a non-violent system of dealing with conflict within societies. It recognizes and addresses the root causes of conflicts to enable individuals and societies to develop strategies for existing without destroying the any of the other”

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