Director Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh Achieves London Book of World Records, Presented by a Postman.

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Pune, India – In a heartwarming display of humility and recognition of exceptional talent, renowned writer and director Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh, the creative force behind unique films such as “Veda BF,” “Betuka,” “Come on Vishnu,” and “W,” has been honored with a coveted place in the “London Book of World Records.” This historic achievement was commemorated in an extraordinary manner when a local postman personally delivered the award.

Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh achieved this remarkable feat due to the inclusion of the first-ever Marathi qawwali, “Hey Maze Durvesh Baba,” sung by Altaf Raja in the 2018 film “Veda BF.” This soulful qawwali not only left an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience but also made history by earning recognition in prestigious record books.

The film “Veda BF” achieved remarkable milestones by securing a place in the High Range World Book of Records, the Bravo International World Book of Records, and other prestigious accolades. Notably, the film clinched the National Award and received numerous state-level awards. Impressively, it amassed a staggering INR 115,045,790 in just 21 days at the box office. This cinematic masterpiece, which centers on the theme of Hindu-Muslim unity, featured acclaimed actor Nagesh Bhosle in the lead role.

Altaf Shaikh’s work has transcended national borders, with his artistic endeavors earning recognition worldwide. His contributions to the world of cinema have already secured him four previous Book of World Records, and this latest achievement marks his fifth.

The unique and touching aspect of this recognition lies in the way Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh accepted the award. When the postman arrived to deliver the parcel containing the prestigious honor, Altaf Shaikh personally received it. He took the time to speak with the postman, expressing gratitude for his dedication to delivering the award. In a genuine and heartfelt gesture, Altaf Shaikh proposed that if the postman had spent long hours under the scorching sun searching for the address, he would accept the award right there on the street. Without any airs or pretense, Altaf Shaikh proudly accepted the award from the postman, leaving him visibly moved and emotional. The two even shared a photo session, commemorating this unique moment.

Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh’s humility, combined with his exceptional talent, has endeared him to both the local community and the wider film industry. His recent work includes a biographical film centered around Abasaheb Deshmukh, an iconic figure who served as an 11-time MLA. This eagerly anticipated film is set to feature 27 Marathi celebrities and is on its way to release soon

Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh’s commitment to his craft, combined with his genuine appreciation for the recognition he receives, continues to inspire not only his peers in the film industry but also the countless individuals who admire his work. His unique approach to accepting this latest world record reflects the true spirit of humility and artistry.

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