Meet Deepak Singh, whose Ideas are Changing the ERP and POS World and Its Implementation way.

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Every time successful the satellite exertion is changing; innovations are coming each day, and each time thing caller happens. To marque definite that your concern is successful sync with the exertion and has the close exertion Saturo Technologies is your buddy.

Saturo Technologies is 1 of India's oldest and 1 of the biggest Oracle NetSuite ERP Solution Providers. It has helped hundreds of businesses turn and is simply a starring work supplier successful Oracle NetSuite ERP and BillMade POS.

Saturo Technologies was founded by Deepak Singh, a machine technologist by assemblage and an entrepreneur by passion. He started his travel successful 2006 erstwhile helium started his archetypal occupation successful tract income due to the fact that his household was going done fiscal crises; implicit the years, helium learned a batch of things starting from networking and communicating. These skills person ever paid good to him and person played an indispensable relation successful becoming what helium is today. Though helium ever wanted to bash thing different, and due to the fact that of his visionary mind, helium footwear started thing that nary 1 thought was imaginable once.

In the October 2013, Deepak decided to discontinue his occupation and successful the January 2014 started his ain institution Saturo Technologies. It was a institution that Deepak had started with each his hard work, and it was besides his imagination institution arsenic the institution provided each benignant of Oracle NetSuite ERP and POS solutions nether 1 roof. It offers assorted facilities specified arsenic Oracle NetSuite licence consulting and implementation, NetSuite Support and Service, NetSuite training, NetSuite Suite Commerce development, BillMade POS for NetSuite.

Various organizations person opted for Saturo Technologies services for Oracle NetSuite ERP and bask hassle-free, creaseless implementation for their businesses.

In the years of his working, Deepak has implemented successful much than 100 companies, and they person clients not conscionable successful India but overseas arsenic well. Saturo besides did the astir important Oracle NetSuite information migration for a renowned planetary company. This was NetSuite to NetSuite information migration for astir 1 cardinal transaction lines. Saturo did it successfully wrong grounds clip of 45 days.

Saturo has done 1 of the biggest NetSuite implementation for a radical of 24 subsidiaries based successful India and Gulf countries. The institution has ever worked connected getting maximum restitution from clients. It is their clients who motivate Deepak and his squad to enactment hard and get better 

His clientele includes established companies similar Hitachi Sunway, Cupola, BBG Group and assorted different firms. Many of them person go repetition clients of Saturo due to the fact that of its premium prime astatine affordable prices. The experienced and nonrecreational squad of individuals present is ever acceptable to assistance and supervise you, ensuring you get the best.

They are besides known for its billing bundle BillMade POS for NetSuite which was launched successful 2017. During its launch, it made rather the buzz astir the businesses and has been a palmy task arsenic it has allowed businesses to beryllium overmuch much sorted and straightforward and trim their work. BillMade POS is being utilized by clients from India, UAE, KSA, Nigeria, Kenya and different countries.

Deepak says, "We emotion challenges, it is similar they marque america turn stronger and marque america tough." "We emotion to lick their concern challenges and supply them futuristic solutions for their growth." Saturo is looking guardant to expanding and becoming a afloat fledge IT institution soon enough. They purpose to turn their gross by 2 times for 10 consecutive years and go 1 of the champion solution providers.

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