SPACE ENGINEERING : The Future of Engineering

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SPACE ENGINEERING is a highly-admired name in the engineering services industry all over India. Since beginning, SPACE ENGINEERING has been devoted to offering exclusive quality service in core engineering i.e. mechanical, civil and electrical engineering.

At SPACE ENGINEERING, we have years of experience and skill in carrying profitable and top excellence solution for all your drafting and technical needs.

Our services are at present being availed to various companies all over India. We are supported by a really loyal and brilliant team of specialists who are experienced in the field of engineering.

SPACE ENGINEERING is one stop solution for a wide-ranging variety of exclusive Engineering related services. Our profound territory expertise in this business and our methodology towards problem cracking helps us in offering on time supply of highest excellence.

Clients across various industries turn to SPACE ENGINEERING to crack compound engineering encounters. We share our clients’ desire for engineering brilliance. We have an engineering DNA and are tricky solvers by nature. We apply our area and practical expertise to help clients design, shape and uphold first-class products. Our basic engineering abilities emphasis on skill and novelty, and desire for brilliance helps us generate significance for some of the most valued brands in their particular industries.

Following are the services in which you can rely on us!

Manufacturing and production

CAD Design and Drafting

Automobile Industry

Electric vehicle Design


BIM and Interior Designing

Highway Design & Construction

PCB Design Service

SPACE ENGINEERING’s mission is to go all-out to bring superior quality projects to our clients while meeting budget and schedule goals. We provide comprehensive value to our clients by offering them with engineering related services using the up-to-date machinery and software.

our is to serve its clients and people by given that forward-thinking, exact, and actual engineering solutions that advance its clients’ businesses and ease society’s admittance to modest, harmless, justifiable, and hi-tech services, apparatus, and values.

Its devotion to helping its clients, the expansion of its specialists, its moral values, good company supremacy, social accountability, excellence, security of its staff, and maintenance for the environment.

SPACE ENGINEERING aims to be a well-known, global engineering service provider in Mechanical, civil and electrical. We will have enough team of outstanding specialists that allows it to be modest, serve its clients with solitary worth, and withstand in the forward-thinking. In all of its areas of activity, it should be familiar by an ability, specialty, or creation in which it can present itself as a world-wide front-runner.

It will line up contributions that proposal the utmost added value to its customers, while lingering close to the commencement and group of its projects and formations. It will distinguish itself through technical contributions, value examination, and dependable and real processes. It will spread its engineering activities through other actions that widen its contribution in the value sequence of its projects, such as system addition, industrial, building, sustenance and operation, bringing fully working products, organizations, and facilities.

It will invest in technical industries, always based on produces or procedures that are very closely connected to its engineering specialisms and inventions. Activities will be stretched to other kingdoms depending on faithful opportunities and whether they can be assumed with sufficient pledge based on previous involvement and knowledge of the zone.

We are recognized with multiple awards & Certifications

Space Engineering has made a significant and lasting impact on the field and practice of organization development through their professional accomplishments, served the profession over an extended period of time, has earned the respect and admiration of professional colleagues and has freely engaged not only contemporaries, but also been committed to maintaining a dynamic connection to all generations of OD practitioners.

Our Certifications-

ISO 9001:2015

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

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